The soul of our wines resides in the passion
of every member of our team.
Ann M. Spratt
Proprietor and Co-Founder

“Advancements in viticulture and enology are taking place at a phenomenal rate. Staying at the forefront is vital to our success. We are always learning, always finding better ways to do things, always improving our methods and practices.”


Ann holds a degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry, has completed post-graduate studies at UC Davis in viticulture and enology and holds a Masters degree in Wine Sciences from Auckland University. The founding of Destiny Bay Vineyards realized her dream of combining science, art and craft to produce a world-class wine. Ann oversees Destiny Bay’s modern wine laboratory and supports winemaking decisions with extensive research and analysis.

Michael F. Spratt
Proprietor and Co-Founder

“Our passion is making remarkable wine that expresses this amazing island and unique vineyard site. This is how we respect our collectors.”


Launching Destiny Bay was a life-changing decision for Mike when he discovered the perfect terroir on Waiheke Island for producing distinctive and elegant cabernet blends. A former merger and acquisition consultant and partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Rubicon Group, Mike’s experience in forming and leading high performance teams of talented people contributes a rare level of business acumen to the creative enterprise of winemaking.  Mike is currently the president of the Waiheke Winegrowers Association and serves as a voting director on the board of New Zealand Wine Growers. He is also an author and speaker on wine industry issues.

Sean Spratt
Owner & Winemaker

“Consistent quality and an unwavering focus on making one of the best cabernet blends in the world is what the Destiny Bay brand is all about. No exceptions. No excuses.”


Sean’s passion for wines and winemaking combined with his extensive business and technical experience enables him to effectively integrate the diverse elements involved in running a total grape growing, wine making and global distribution business. Sean’s involvement in the vineyard layout, rootstock and clone selection, winery design, brand development, and the creation of distribution relationships and partners has provided him with the background and history needed to achieve Destiny Bay’s ambitious mission.

Daniel A. Sullivan
Vineyard Manager

“I know these vines and slopes like the back of my hand. Managing this vineyard is like watching family and friends grow up. There is never a dull moment.”


Dan brings more than ten years of experience in vineyard and winery management to the viticulture team. Prior to joining Destiny Bay, Dan was the assistant winemaker and vineyard manager for one of the oldest and most respected vineyard and winery operations on Waiheke Island, Goldwater Estate. He has studied viticulture and enology at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawkes Bay, and has instituted viticultural practices that have made Destny Bay a fully accredited “Sustainable Winegrowing” vineyard. Responsible for all vine management and vineyard staff, Dan transforms Destiny Bay winemaking objectives into reality in the vineyard.

Brett Taylor
Director Global Distribution

“Once I heard the Destiny Bay story and tried the wines, I knew I had to join the team! Destiny Bay is proof that a small vineyard on Waiheke can produce unique and powerful Cabernet blended wines that stand up to the best in the world.”


Brett’s passion for wine comes from his experience as a collector, a manager of private wine collections, and from overseeing wine lists at exclusive restaurants. In addition, Brett’s wine industry knowledge and experience enables him to cultivate long-term relationships with collectors, sommeliers, fine wine merchants, and specialty distribution partners.