The soul of our wines resides in the passion
of every member of our team.
Sean Spratt
Owner & Winemaker

“Consistent quality and an unwavering focus on making one of the best cabernet blends in the world is what the Destiny Bay brand is all about. No exceptions. No excuses.”


In addition to serving as the Winemaker, Sean is responsible for managing the diverse elements of Destiny Bay’s business, from grape growing and winemaking through distribution and patron support. A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate of DePaul University, Sean pursued his wine science studies through the University of California at Davis extension program, sensory training through Auckland University’s Wine Science program, and in-depth meetings with some of California’s most iconic winemakers and wineries.  His extensive business and technical experience, combined with his passion for wine, bring a unique perspective to crafting elegant Cabernet blends which have received critical acclaim that rivals French First Growths, Italian Super Tuscans and Australian and California cult wines.

Ann M. Spratt
Proprietor and Co-Founder

“Advancements in viticulture and enology are taking place at a phenomenal rate. Staying at the forefront is vital to our success. We are always learning, always finding better ways to do things, always improving our methods and practices.”


Ann holds a degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry, has completed post-graduate studies at UC Davis in viticulture and enology and holds a Masters degree in Wine Sciences from Auckland University. The founding of Destiny Bay Vineyards realized her dream of combining science, art and craft to produce a world-class wine. Ann oversees Destiny Bay’s modern wine laboratory and supports winemaking decisions with extensive research and analysis.

Michael F. Spratt
Proprietor and Co-Founder

“Our long term commitment is to make wines that express this place and inspire our patrons, no matter the costs. Some things are just more important than money.”

A former merger and acquisition consultant and partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Rubicon Group, Mike contributes a rare level of business acumen to the creative enterprise of winemaking.  Mike has served as president of the Waiheke Winegrowers Association and on the board of New Zealand Wine Growers. He is also an author and speaker on wine industry issues.

Daniel A. Sullivan
Vineyard Manager

“Mother Nature is a challenging partner.  The only fruit that survives until harvest must be very special.  Nothing goes into our winery unless it meets our unforgiving standards for character, complexity and varietal ripeness.”


Dan brings nearly two decades of experience to the viticulture and winemaking team. Prior to joining Destiny Bay, Dan was the assistant winemaker and vineyard manager for one of the oldest and most respected vineyard and winery operations on Waiheke Island. He has studied viticulture and enology at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawkes Bay, and has instituted viticultural practices that established Destiny Bay as Waiheke Island’s first fully certified “Sustainable Winegrowing Vineyard & Winery”.

Ara Macgregor
Assistant Winemaker

“There are no details in winemaking that escape our attention.  Our consistent quality is the result of doing things others just don’t bother to do.”

Ara has been a part of the Destiny Bay team for more than a decade.  As Assistant Winemaker, Ara is responsible for ensuring that all winemaking, blending, aging and packaging operations meet Destiny Bay’s exacting quality standards.  Ara manages the day-to-day wine laboratory operations including microbiological culturing and analysis, and spectrophotometric wine analysis.

 Ara has completed advanced studies in Grapegrowing and Winemaking at Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawkes Bay.

Maria Frenzel
Operations & Logistics Coordinator

After working as a paralegal in Germany for more than 10 years, Maria joined Destiny Bay for a 1-year viticultural and vintage intern with her partner Andre.

During her time with Destiny Bay Maria worked in every facet of the business from pruning to canopy management, harvest, vinification and bottling.  Her attention to detail and standards for quality made her one of Destiny Bay’s most successful interns.  

A year after completing her internship and returning to Germany, she and her partner Andre found that there heart was still in New Zealand and they decided to emigrate.  In January 2017 she returned to Destiny Bay where her skills and experience made her a perfect fit to assist in all aspects of logistics and operations.  

While Maria’s main focus is to help shepherd the wines from the bottle to the customer’s cellar, she still finds time to get in amongst the vines and in the fermentation room.

Andre Seidel
Assistant  Vineyard Manager & Life Sciences Specialist
Andre Seidel Assistant Vineyard Manager & Life Sciences Specialist

Andre’s passion for hand-crafted products, especially wine, began with early experiences in his family’s business in the gastronomical sector and travels through Europe which focused on food and wine.


Andre has a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology and a Master’s degree in Biology with a focus on plant development and phytopathology.  Andre has worked for multiple research institutions in Germany, including Fraunhofer-Institut for Cell Therapy and Immunology and the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus work-group on experimental neurosurgery/tumor immunology.


After his studies in 2014 Andre decided to specialize in the wine industry and worked at vineyards in Germany before visiting New Zealand for a 1-year viticultural and vintage internship with Destiny Bay. During that time, Andre worked in all facets of grape growing and winemaking from pruning through bottling.  After returning to Germany, Andre and his partner Maria decided to emigrate to New Zealand in 2016 and have now joined Destiny Bay full-time.